Burger King Daylight Saving Time Breakfast Deals – Free Food with $1 Purchase

Burger King is offering a free items for purchasing $1 or more worth of goods from March 10th to March 16th 2024.

  1. Download the Burger King mobile app
  2. Sign up to Royal Perks
  • Sunday (3/10) – Enjoy a free fan-favorite Croissan’wich with a purchase of $1+.
  • Monday (3/11) – Waking up to Free 5 pc. French Toast Sticks with a $1+ purchase will definitely sweeten up your Monday morning.
  • Tuesday (3/12) – Enjoy a free bottle of Simply OJ with a $1+ purchase.
  • Wednesday (3/13) – Get an order of large Hash Browns that are free with a $1+ purchase.
  • Thursday (3/14) – To celebrate Pi Day, enjoy a free Hershey’s Sundae Pie with a $3.14+ purchase all day long.
  • Friday (3/15) -All-day deal. Free large Vanilla Iced Coffee with a $1+ purchase.
  • Saturday (3/16) – Free Sausage Biscuit with a $1+ purchase and add more sizzle to your Saturday